"BME 492 Engineering Project" Proposals

NOTE: A student should consult with the professor in charge before registering for a particular project.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ali Ümit KESKİN
  • Modelling of dielectric properties of body fluids at different parametric conditions.
  • Electrolysis of body fluids
  • Design of a digital reflectometer for the specific gravity measurement of body fluids
  • Localization of endoscopic capsules
  • Cell size determination using flow cytometry
  • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate meter
  • Measurement of Hematocrit level in body fluids
Assist.Prof.Dr. Gökhan ERTAŞ
  • A Device for Simultaneous Measurement of Environmental Humidity, Temperature and Oxygen Gas Concentration
  • Design of a programmable TENS device
  • Development of a Graphical User Interface for Microchip PIC based devices
  • Command Line Interpreter Software Controlled Robot Arm
  • A Wearable Device for Angle Displacement Measurements in Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Feet Temperature Scanner Device for Diabetics
  • Muscle Movement Stimulation Controlled by surface EMG
  • Development of a Computerized Infusion Pump
  • Statistical Analysis of Diffusion-Weighted MR Data of Healthy Tissues
  • Assistive Technologies in Physical Therapy Applications (Review)
  • Obstracle Detecting Device for Blind People
Assist.Prof.Dr. Esin ÖZTÜRK IŞIK
  • T1 Perfusion MR Imaging of Breast Tissue
  • MR Spectroscopic Imaging of Spine
  • fMRI Analysis of Speech in Human Brain
  • 3D Modelling of Knee and Hip Bone Structure in MATLAB and AutoCAD
  • Design of a Graphical User Interface for a Statistical Data Analysis Tool in MATLAB
  • Sodium and Oxygen MR Spectroscopic Imaging of Human Brain Diseases (Review)
  • Musculoskeletal Applications of Ultra Short Echo Time MR Imaging (Review)
2012 A Portable Oxygen Monitoring Device. Atakan Kozik
A Wearable Real-Time Motion Sensing Device for Disabled People. Burcu Alntınkaya
evelopment of Multichannel Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Device. İsmail Köpüklü
Galvanic Skin Response Detector for Emotional Engagement. Sezin Eren
Compressed Sensing for Fast Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging.
GAMMA Simulations for Brain Metabolites using TE-Averaged PRESS.
GAMMA Simulations for GABA Editing in the Brain using MEGA-PRESS.
SPM Analysis of fMRI Data of Hand Movement in Brain Tumor Patients.
Effect of Concentration on the Wet Precipitation Process of HAP. Buse BULUT
Infrared Ear Thermometry. Tolga IŞIKGÜN
Photoblemching. Dila ZAİMOĞLU
Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector. Nur GÜLBAY
Real-time Control of a Robot Arm. İsmail Can DAMGACI
The Effect of PH on the Hydroxyapatite Formatıon by Wet Method. Yusuf ERDOĞAN
2011 Optical methods of human serum analysis. Özge EROL
Led based physiological analysis applications. Gökçe Hale HATAY
Analyzing Hand Movement in FMRI Data of Brain Tumors using FSL. Nurten Ceren AŞKIN
Laser Epilation For The Whole Body. Bilge TEKİNALP
Design And Realization of An Insulin Pump. Büşra KAHRAMAN
T1 Estimation of Metabolites for Phosphorus MR Spectroscopic Imaging at 3T. Safa DEMİRKAN
Design of an EOG Circuit and Its Clinical Applications. Aylin NUHOĞLU
Digital Filter Design. Sinem Sigal CEMAL
Wheelchairs Production ın Turkey. Ömer Şeyhmus YAŞAR
The Effect of Carbonate Incorporation Into Hydroxyapatite Sythesized by Wet Method. Öznur DEMİR
T2 Mapping of Knee Cartilage at 3T. Ersin UZMEN
Clinical Applications of Neurostimulators. Muhammed AVCI
2010 Design and Realisation of Auditory Evoked Potential and its Applications. Arda SAVDA    
Mammography: Past, Present and Future. Tuğçe GÖBRİŞ 
Brushite-to-Octacalcium Phosphate Transformation at Elevated Temperatures. Neslihan TEMİZEL
Single Pot Synthesis of Biphasic Brushite-Apatite Powders.Murat BIÇAKÇI
Development of a New Biomineralization/Calcification Solution.Giray GİRİŞKEN
Designing Blood Glucose Monitoring Equigment. Osman Melih CAN
Optical Filters and Design. Faruk Emir ERSOY and Bora ÇÖRÜŞ
2009 Linerization of NTC Thermistor R-T Characteristics and Design and Realization of a liquid level measurement device using NTC Thermistor. Cihat KOYUNCU
The Reaction of Ca Metal shots with physiological solutions. Yudum KİP
Imaging in Nuclear Medicine Gamma Camera. Şeyma TUNCER
Aragonite Synthesis in Urea Solutions. Metin DELİKURT
Design of a Transcutaneous Recording Systems to Detect Neuroactive Signals. Şükran AKKAYA
Design and Realisation of A Microcontroller Based pH Meter. Hamdi ARMAĞAN
International Hospital Accreditation and Biomedical Aspects of Facility Management. Sevcan BOZKURT
Design of A Pneumatic and Pulmonary Function Test. Özgecan ÖZYILDIRIM
Changing The Persistent Particle Morphology of Brushite Powder. Özge HİNDİSTAN
Transcutaneous Facial Stimulator for The Management Of Facial Paralysis. Caner GÜRHAN
Optical Filters. Duygu BENGİ and Seçil ÖZBAYRAKTAR
Hydrothermal Tretment of TiO2 Powders At 900C And 1500C By Using NaOH Solutions. Yakup ÖZSEZER
Modification of The Morphology of Brushite Crystals. İbrahim MERT
Hydrothermal Tretment of Ti6Al4V at 600C And 900C By Using NaOH and KOH Solutions. Kübra Aslıhan JADİDİ
Design and Practical Realisation of an Electro Surgery Unit (ESU) Device. Yakup Onur KARAKAŞ
Struvite; Synthesis, Stability and Hydrothermal Conversion. Gökçe KURTULUŞ
2008 Analysis of Chemicals By UV-Visible and Raman Spectroscopy. Güray YÜCE
Similator for Paretic Hand After Stroke. Nazlı Deniz BAYAR