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BME492 Report

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Details of the regulations regarding to education in Yeditepe University are given below (Available only in Turkish):

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BME 492 Engineering Project is a one-semester senior course. On-time registation is vital to to take the course.

Project Proposal. Registered student should select a project from the proposed projects list or propose a project and discuss it with the faculty.

Approval. To start the project, Dean approval should be obtained .

Progress. The student should always be in touch with the assigned faculty member and state his/her achievements regularly.

Report and Presentation At the end of the semester, an Engineering Project Report should be written by the student. The student should also give an oral presentation about his/her project achievements in front of a jury. Before the presentation, the student should give the report to the jury members.

Scoring and Corrections.The jury evaluates the presentation and the report and then gives a letter grade *. The student should modify the report according to the jury's corrections.
* The students who receive "I" grade should complete their project within one month. The students who receive "X" grade should repeat the course.

Submission. The student must submit 2 hard-copies and also 3 soft-copies of the project report to the department by the report submission deadline.
Duration. At least 20 days

Acceptance Letter.The proposed organization should submit an acceptance letter to the department.

Approval. The student can start the internship following depertmental approval.

Internship Report. A report must be submitted at the end of the internship. This report must include the description of the project, in which the student was involved.

Letter of Success. The student must submit a letter and a survey, indicating his/her attendance and success.

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Internship Coordinator
Assist.Prof.Dr. Gökhan ERTAŞ

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
B Building, -2nd floor


Tel: +90(216) 578 00 00 / 1497